An Uber Geeks Clothes 

Clothing and apparel for the geek inside you. Nerdgasm as you scroll through this shop and choose the item of your choice and have them shipped straight to your door. All your base are belong to us! 

Design ~ iplaysupport


Design ~ healthcoverage


Design ~ Terrible Fate

Terrible Fate

Design ~ Catch me

Catch me

Design ~ HP Bar

HP Bar

Design ~ Health Mana Pots

Health Mana Pots

Design ~ Keep Calm and 14 Hatch

Keep Calm and 14 Hatch

Design ~ Break Pots

Break Pots

Design ~ fetts


Design ~ Song of Storms

Song of Storms

Design ~ Mana Potion

Mana Potion

Design ~ Knee to the Head

Knee to the Head

Design ~ Circuit Board

Circuit Board

Design ~ Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love

Design ~ Proffesional Gamer

Proffesional Gamer

Design ~ Love Emote

Love Emote

Design ~ Kawaii as...

Kawaii as...

Design ~ Wing Attack

Wing Attack

Design ~ excellent gardener

excellent gardener

Design ~ 8 Bit Heart

8 Bit Heart

Design ~ Takes time to get a Heart

Takes time to get a Heart